The Soul Freqs Mission

What is Soul Freqs?
Soul Freqs Sound & Energy Works is an alternative, hybrid therapeutic practice that incorporates a variety of mind- body techniques involving sound, vibration (energy!), and harmonics to assist individuals in achieving new depths of relaxation and heights of overall well being and healing in the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual realms. The model is based on accentuating what is already naturally well and good, and to bring what is out of sync back in!

“If you want to find the “Secrets of the Universe” think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration…” Nikola Tesla

How sound works as a therapeutic modality
Everything in the Universe is essentially made of sound. And, as such, everything, including human beings, vibrates at a core fundamental frequency. Stress, whether it something we are consciously aware of or not, stimulates a specific physical response in our brains. Known in scientific terms as the stress response, our brains are stimulated to release certain hormones that were initially designed to aid us in our need to fight or flight for physical survival. Although we rarely encounter actual threats to our physical survival in modern times, everyday environmental stress can lead to the same neuro-chemical response. To make matters worse, when exposure to these stressors is maintained over prolonged periods of time, our brains forget to disengage from fight or flight mode and continue to secrete chemicals that will function to break our physical systems down over time. A few of the resulting consequences include: increases in heart rate and blood pressure, creating risk for heart attack and stroke; changes in metabolism and gluconeogenesis, resulting in weight gain; decrease in antibody production, weakening the immune system, resulting in susceptibility to infection, illness, and disease; insomnia, an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, resulting in release of more neuro-chemicals that perpetuate the cycle. To reiterate, this process often occurs without our conscious awareness. Most if us were programmed at a very young age to “suck it up” and “stuff” frustration and irritation… to keep it to ourselves. With no outlet, however, stress is a severe result with health ravaging consequences.

Sound has been used in healing forever! The sounds of certain music and instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, bells and others, have been proven to change the vibration in the brain, to quiet the mind and quell the stress response, while at the same time stimulating the relaxation response. Shifting the functions in the autonomic nervous system, from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) to the parasympathetic nervous system, significantly slows or stops the release of stress hormones and restores the more healthy and homeostatic “rest and digest” mode. This allows the muscles to relax, heart rate and respiration to slow, blood pressure to decrease, GI functioning and elimination to return to normal, metabolism to regulate, and the immune system to kick back in. Sound affects the cells and tissues of the body at the molecular level. A growing movement of scientists, physicians, and alternative healthcare practitioners are viewing sound as an integral part of medicine, as a third predominant leg of a healthcare stool, along with medications and surgical practice as necessary.

How does astrology relate to sound?
Everything in the Universe is essentially made of sound! Sound familiar? The Sun, moon, planets and stars, and everything else in the cosmos are made of sound too. And going a step further, the geometric relationships (aspects) that the astrological bodies make to each other are based in harmonics, which is also sound! Some harmonic aspects are more, well, harmonious than others. By examining and analyzing the harmonics in one’s natal chart, it is possible to develop new depths of self-awareness and demystify some of life’s rhythms and patterns that are specific to each individual. And harmonics between the planetary bodies change as they move, changing up the energy of the system as a whole! Because the changes in the energetic sky affect relationships with our innate psyche, astrology can also help identify periods in our lives where we may be challenged as well as enjoy times of relative peace, harmony and optimal productivity.

Services Provided

  • Sound therapy, using Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums, bells, and other sacred sound instruments, to promote and enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well being and healing.
  • Sound Spa and Sound Immersion, a “layout event” promoting deep relaxation and meditation for physical, emotional, and spiritual transcendence and well being. Perfect for individuals, couples, families, and groups of any size. A purely unique experience, Sound Spa enhances what is already good, with the collateral benefit of healing when needed!
  • Reiki, practice of providing open and free energy flow through the physical body for physical and emotional well being and healing.
  • Surgery preparation and recovery, prepares the mind and body to facilitate the best possible outcomes for impending and recent surgical procedures
  • Space clearing, brings sound and energy to a location of choice to facilitate clearing of residual energies
  • Hypnotherapy, bypass of the conscious, rational mind for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and communication with the subconscious and unconscious mind.
  • Professional astrological services, providing insight into the true nature of who we are, why we think and behave as we do, why we attract and are attracted to the people, things, and circumstances that we are, and what our real mission and purpose for this lifetime might be. Forecasting provides timing for optimal periods for accomplishing the things we want to do, as well as times when we may be best served by conserving energy and going with the flow. Like paying attention to the weather forecast, it is always great to know when the Sun is going to shine and when we might best grab an umbrella! Such is an astrological forecast!